The Builders of The Silent Cities Lodge No. 4948


The Lodge Banner

The Lodge Banner The design of the Banner for 4948:
The Banner has the same basic design as the Lodge Past Masters Jewel. The artwork for the emblem for the Badge was produced by W.Bro Bob Tuthill, SLGR., PPrSGD (The current Secretary of the Lodge) and then approved by Grand Lodge. The manufacture of the banner was skillfully undertaken by W.Bro Arthur Matthews, PGStB.

You will see from the illustration that the centre shield is enclosed by two pillars representing the two pillars that stood at the porchway entrance of King Soloman's Temple. These are adorned with two spherical balls on which are delineated maps of the celestial and terrestrial globes. The Pillars stand on the mosaic pavement, in the centre of which is depicted the volume of the sacred law which
governs our faith.

The Centre has depicted one of the cemeteries in Flanders Fields and the graves of those valiant soldiers who fell during the Great War of 1914-1918. The lodge was founded by members of the Imperial war graves Commission after which the Lodge is named.

The bottom centre contains the heraldic device or trademark of the Craft. These two symbols in Freemasonry have more than
one meaning.

The square in Freemasonry merely a square, to be taken at its face value; It is representative of the complete square; a figure with four sides and four right angles; It is a try square, which is an instrument for testing a right angle; It is a symbol of rightness, or righteousness; It is a symbol of the earth, once believed to be square in shape.

similarly with the Compasses; they are an instrument for use; They stand for the circle; They are an emblem of the sky, and hence stand for heaven in contrast to the Square, which stands for the earth; They are also a symbol of the spiritual life, of the circle of brotherhood.


The Lodge Banner was dedicated by; W.Bro The Revd. G.Ernest Smart PAG

To celebrate our 75th Anniversary

Thursday 5th December, 2002

Worshipful Master:
W.Bro Keith Corder, SLGR, PPrJGD (The current Assistant Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge)